Trudeau Sending Around $1 Billion to Syria Which Means Less for Canada

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Justin Trudeau is currently sending about $1 billon to Syria in aid. Needless to say, he has chosen the worst possible time to make this move. Canada already has a massive foreign aid budget, but Trudeau seems intent on pushing it even further. The worst thing is that he isn’t putting his own money in it; the taxpayer money is how Syria is going to be paid $1 billion.

Trudeau has announced that he will give $840 million in foreign aid to Syria, which comes after he has already pledged $1.6 billion to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. This new aid is after the chemical attacks that took place on people in Syria.

While there is nothing wrong with sending aid to war-torn countries, the one thing that irks Canadians is why does it have to be Canadian taxpayer’s money that should be sent as aid? There are lots of other ways in which Canada can offer support to countries, and the economy is currently suffering as well. This means that the government should pay caution and not spend money that is going to come back and hurt them in the end.

Trudeau is not thinking about Canada at this moment in time, and his focus seems to be on the international stage and doing the right thing for Syria. However, Canadians should call him out on not doing the right thing for Canadians, who aren’t getting anything that was promised by the government.

Canada is facing serious problems at this current moment in time, and it is only going to be a matter of time before crisis strikes in Canada. Therefore, Justin Trudeau should take a moment to stop and reflect on doing the right thing for Canada, but it remains to be seen if he has the guts to refuse foreign aid the next time a major crisis strikes in the world.