Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is built on Lies

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There is no mistaking it, Trudeau’s carbon tax is not popular with anyone, and it being labeled as an ‘environmental policy’ is complete nonsense. The main goals of the policy aren’t in favor of the Canadian people and will only serve one purpose, which is pushing taxes higher. The Trudeau government is all about gaining more power and money, which is not what the Canadian people elected them to do.  

History tends to repeat itself and throughout history there is a common trend. Governments declare an emergency, and then ask for a new tax law to be introduced, which will give the government even more revenue to manage the emergency. The tax will only be temporary, but once it is implemented, it becomes permanent. This is exactly what the carbon tax is going to do, and Canadians can see right through it this time.

However, it will take a lot more than just a few protests to block the carbon tax, which seems to be everyone to be a monumental mistake, except for Justin Trudeau. The biggest problem with the carbon tax is that it is based on a lie, and is another cash grab screen implemented by the government. There are facts that suggest that a carbon tax has no place, and is only propaganda, but the government is still going ahead with its plans in trying to force it through. All the blame for this policy lies on the feet of Justin Trudeau, who seems to be making worse decisions every single day he is in office.

Justin Trudeau is lying to the Canadian people, and this carbon tax isn’t going to help improve the economy, which is already in a fragile situation. The biggest downside of the carbon tax is that it is only ripping off taxpayers, which places the burden on the lower and middle-class, while the wealthy and big businesses profit from it.


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