Kevin O’Leary Takes Well-Aimed Shots at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank’s star Kevin O’Leary is thinking about leading the Conservative party as the Prime Minster in the next elections. The outspoken businessman has given a hint that he wants to join the Tories team.

O’Leary was quite open about his thoughts on PM Trudeau’s leadership. Though the race for leadership is getting tougher every day; he believes that he can bring a lot to the table. Taking a shot at PM Trudeau, he said, “I will take the movement to Ottawa and help Justin find out his true calling is not running Canada.”

O’Leary seems to be getting quite comfortable in his dream role of being a politician. So far, he’s made a wonderful impression on the political parties. One of the promises he made during his interview about running in the race is that he would sell thousands of memberships. So far, he has sold 35,000 memberships. While the number is low to guarantee a win in the first ballot but it puts him in a persuasive position, where he can convince the Conservative party that he can defeat PM Trudeau.

He believes that what the previous campaigns suggested about Trudeau not being a fit leader is not a hypothesis anymore. The reality is, since Trudeau became the prime minister, Canada has seen many problems. Referring to these problems, O’Leary said, “People are very concerned about breakdowns in health care, education, military spending, social net, etc. The fact is the economy hasn’t grown”.

According to O’Leary, Canada needs a new prime minister and the country is looking for someone who can give them a new direction. So far, PM Trudeau has not been able to fulfill most of promises that he had made. This clearly shows that he lacks the ability to build Canada’s economy.

O’Leary further said that PM Trudeau’s decisions on carbon tax, corporation tax and personal tax has made Canada an noncompetitive country. His leadership will leave an insane amount of debt to be paid by the future generations.