Petition against Sharia Law Gaining Ground All Over Canada

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It can be safely said that Canadians are against Sharia Law and will do anything to ensure that it is not implemented on Canadian soil. There has been a petition filed against Sharia Law, which is currently gaining a lot of traction all over the country. Thousands of people have already signed on it online, and there are calls for more people signing it as well.

A lot of people don’t know this, but Sharia Law has been implemented in Canada before. There have been numerous people, who have fled from countries where Sharia Law was implemented, only to find that it had been implemented in Canada as well. People see Canada as an attractive place to settle in because they want to live under secular law in Canada, not Sharia Law.

However, the Ontario Government thought otherwise and backed the use of Sharia Law in Ontario, where elders, Imams or lawyers can participate in courts, and also pass judgments on matters. There is already immense pressure placed on Muslim women, and meddling in court rulings is not something that should be allowed under the secular law in Canada.

There have been lots of protests in recent times against Sharia Law and why it should never be allowed in a country like Canada, because it goes against democracy. Even while knowing about the full implications and ramifications of Sharia Law, there are still a lot of people, who are supporting the implementation of Sharia Law in Canada.

This should worry Canadians, because it will have a major impact on the legal system in Canada, and therefore is something that should never be supported. Countries like Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia use Sharia Law and none of these countries are places you will actively want to live in.