Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Government Might Miss Emission Targets

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It’s highly possible that Trudeau’s government will miss the climate targets for 2030. According to a report on Canada’s environment, this study was released without a press release. The targets mentioned in the report were set by Harper’s government. At first, the conservative party was criticized by the liberals on the environmental issues. However, the numbers set resembles those of Harper’s government.

With the Soviet Union’s fall, central planning was no longer an issue. Unfortunately, it has made resurgence in the form of “climate change” banner. This is has lead to arbitrary emission targets like reducing emission in 2030 by 30%. An out of the blue figure such as this is hard to achieve since emissions can be calculated only by incredibly complex interactions amidst millions of people.

This is one of the reasons why these targets are missed. They are either used by leaders for political purposes or they are actually implemented, damaging their economies in turn.

If we look at Harper’s leadership, he belonged to the former group. However, PM Trudeau is clearly in the latter. His obsession with carbon tax and international praise will help him hit the targets but at the expense of the economy.  

By hitting the targets, though we are way behind, PM Trudeau will unknowingly impose higher taxes that will constrain the economy’s activity. This is exactly how carbon tax’s structure rises every year. Ultimately, it will all lead to high costs and lower growth for consumers, making Canada poorer.

So, how can this be fixed? Trudeau’s government needs to eliminate arbitrary targets and encourage a dynamic and innovative economy by limiting regulations and lowering the taxes. This innovation will lead to advanced technology and products that will reduce emissions without government’s intervention.  

However, the elites are not in favor of this approach and why would they be? They are not the one who are economically impacted by the policies. All eyes are on the new government to turn this disaster into something that will not affect the carbon tax.


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