Trudeau Wants Refugees And Asylum Seekers To Be Exempt From Immigration Laws

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Things have changed dramatically since PM Trudeau’s tweet welcoming refugees into Canada. Now, Trudeau’s government has taken this obsession one step further to make sure that no one interferes with their plans. To block officials from interfering with immigration rules and laws, PM Trudeau’s government is going through an ideological purge that will remove adjudicators from the refugee and immigration board.

So far, 14 adjudicators have been removed and it’s expected that at least 39 more members will be let go. Adjudicators, who were removed, were taken in by the last government and these changes are worrying people. Those being removed were called “seasoned decision-makers” and people fear that this purge will throw the system into disarray.  

A member from Ontario’s Refugee Lawyer’s Association said that the main concern is the government that is having governor-in-council meeting for the appointments that is discretionary and political. He believes that a transparent process will help appoint candidates who are more competent and suitable, efficient, fair-minded and judicious.

He also said it’s possible that the quality and efficiency of decisions can be compromised if candidates are not judicious or have the right expertise. There are in total 58 positions on the refugee and immigration board and out of these, 23 are unfilled.

It looks like PM Trudeau and his Liberals are trying to remove those adjudicators who are even-handed and fair-minded. The move seems quite foolish and is something that PM Trudeau would surely go for to manage the crowd of illegal immigrants trying to enter Canada. At this rate, there will be more refugees than Canadians. PM Trudeau’s approach hardly follows any rules. In fact, he has taken his rules and extended them to his and the Liberal’s political will.

This disturbing approach will only make Canada’s border less secure. A fact that PM Trudeau is not at all concerned with. It’s clear that Trudeau and his government have a thirst for power that is satiated by pushing their unbelievable agendas on the people of Canada.


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