Inflation Is at An All-Time Low but Canadians Are Getting Poorer

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It seems that elitist and mainstream media doesn’t like to delve into economics, and making sense of the raw data that is important for the survival of Canada. The only thing that the media is interested in is inflation, the GDP, and on job reports. The only thing that they don’t focus on is giving meaning to the numbers in the data, which end up making the most profound impact on them. The inflation rate in Canada has increased at a 1.6% growth over the years, which is down from the previous low of 2%, and that is very good news for consumers as this has meant that the value of money hasn’t diminished at all over the years.

However, the one thing that is not being highlighted by the media is how the wages of the average Canadian haven’t kept up with the growing inflation, which has meant that people are Canada are actually poorer than they were before. Canadians don’t stand to benefit if their annual wage grows by 1%, while inflation goes up by 1.6%, which means that they stand to be .6% poorer!

The Trudeau administration obviously doesn’t want to highlight that, since the purchasing power of Canadians has gone down dramatically over the years, and there is a serious case about the Canadian economy weakening right now. People are right to be worried about the economic stance the government is taking, because Canadians are becoming poorer every year, while the establishment gets richer. Canada will not be able to prosper if Canadians are struggling to make ends meet.

It is high time the government did something about wage gains, and stop trying to deceive the public by ensuring everyone that nothing is wrong.


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