Trudeau and Hypocrisy Walk Hand-in-Hand and It’s Down to the Elitist Media

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It seems that Justin Trudeau has been given a free pass from the elitist media, and nothing he ever does can ever be criticized. When he was in opposition, Trudeau used to rip apart the Conservatives on their massive omnibus budgets, but it seems that he has conveniently forgotten all about that. He often accused the Conservatives of using omnibus bills in to hide information, so that they can deny the public and parliamentarians to properly look at the legislation.

This form of attack served him well, but now he is doing the same thing that he once accused the Conservatives for doing. He is in favor of omnibus budgets, and has realized that it is way more convenient than simply letting the public and parliamentarians see what’s inside the legislations he pushes through. But that is completely hypocritical of Trudeau and his administration; since they are doing the same thing that they accused the opposition parties of doing.

There is hardly any difference between the previous government and the Trudeau Liberals, as they continue breaking all the promises they made. However, the most frustrating thing is that the mainstream media will not call out Trudeau and his hypocrisy, but will conveniently ignore it. There has been little to no coverage of Trudeau and his omnibus hypocrisy in the media, because they seem to go very easy on Trudeau. It seems that he is above reproach in the media, and this is why his hypocritical agenda is so dangerous, because it is damaging Canada.

It is up to the people of Canada to call out Trudeau and his hypocrisy, because they need to hold Trudeau and his administration accountable for all their lies and broken promises.


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