Trudeau Avoids Giving Real Answers over His Damage to Democracy

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Justin Trudeau is not having a very good time as Prime Minister of Canada, even though he may not show it. Trudeau is desperate to force through major changes in Canadian democracy, but he doesn’t realize that it is his policies and political stance that is damaging democracy in Canada. He has taken power away from backbench and opposition MP’s, and is trying to have total control over the government, which isn’t the way democracy works.

Justin Trudeau thinks that he can force through his changes without getting support from other parties, which is not the way Parliament works, and will need to use the tactics used by previous governments. However, it seems that he doesn’t believe in doing things in the proper manner, and is showing dictatorial tendencies.

The NDP and Conservatives have now joined hands and are working together to try and stop this madness. They don’t want Trudeau to completely destroy Canadian democracy by forcing through his changes, but they are getting stiff opposition from the government in that regard.

Justin Trudeau made a big point by trying to take on all the questions, during the Question Period, in order to showcase ‘accountability’ in the government. However, taking questions is very different from answering them, and Trudeau has proven to be a master at dodging questions and spinning them into answers that don’t really say much.

It seems that Justin Trudeau has learned a thing or two while in office, and now answers with evasion and condescension, when he asked to explain himself. This isn’t the way that a Canadian Prime Minister acts and Trudeau should stop avoiding giving real answers, as he is only damaging the Canadian democracy by doing so. It is only a matter of time before everyone starts seeing Trudeau for what he truly is, a power hungry dictator.


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