Trudeau Labeled as a ‘Disaster’ by Kevin O’Leary as He Destroys his Economic Policies

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Not everyone is a fan of Justin Trudeau, and Kevin O’Leary is definitely not singing praises about him. He has slammed the Prime Minister on his misguided economic policies and lack of business experience, which is leading Canadian economy down a dark alley. O’Leary is the Conservative leadership candidate, and he has been particularly scathing in his assessment of the current Prime Minister, and even slammed Trudeau as a ‘Disaster’ for Canada.

O’Leary claims that Canada has become uncompetitive as a country, since Trudeau has become Prime Minister and it is all down to his economic policies. Trudeau is wrong on corporation tax, personal tax, and carbon tax, while the regulations he has backed are failing. This is not Trudeau’s fault entirely, because he doesn’t have the necessary experience to manage the Federal Government, because he has never actually run a business before and doesn’t know anything about balance sheets or income statements.

The Canadian people still elected Trudeau, and he has proven to be a completely disaster, with a change drastically needed in 2019. According to O’Leary, Trudeau has experienced life at the very top of the political ladder, and therefore doesn’t recognize the struggles of Canadian families and Canadian business owners, which is why his economic policies end up hurting them the most.

Trudeau has had everything handed over to him, and he didn’t need to worry about making tough financial decisions, like paying mortgage or rent. That is the reason why he is unable to relate to the problems faced by the common Canadians, and his globalist economic agenda only serves to enrich the rich and take money away from the poor.

Trudeau is also very stubborn and won’t change his policies, which means that the only way Canadian citizens can win is with a new government, which will happen in 2019.