Trudeau Remains Silent as Saudi Arabia is Placed on Women’s Right Commission by UN

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There seems to be no signs of intelligent life at the UN as the political elites have cowered pathetically to include Saudi Arabia to the Women’s Rights Commissions. This has caused international outrage and backlash, as Saudi Arabia has an atrocious record of treating women like slaves. The country has done nothing to warrant being given a place on the commission that is dedicated to advancing the rights of women around the world.

This is a level of absurdity and insanity that is not to be expected from the United Nations, and there have been calls made by Conservatives to withdraw Canadian funding from the UN over this. It seems that even members of the UN are not best pleased with the introduction of Saudi Arabia on the commission, and UN Watch condemned the appointment in very strong and clear terms.

Saudi Arabia does nothing for human rights and women’s rights, and their discrimination against women is systematic and gross in practice and in law. All Saudi women need to have a male guardian, who makes all the critical decisions for her, and it is her guardian who will control her life from birth till death. Saudi Arabia has also banned women from driving cars, which makes their appointment on the commission even more confusing, because the country doesn’t support gender equality.

While leaders around the world are openly condemning this appointment, Justin Trudeau has remained dead silent on this issue. It should be noted that Justin Trudeau is a noted feminist, and has also attended numerous rallies and events promoting women’s rights. Yet, he has not said anything about the appointment of Saudi Arabia on the UN Women’s Rights Commission.

This shows weak leadership from Trudeau, and only goes on to show that he is all talk and no action.