WARNING: Trudeau Creates Poverty In Canada

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The government has failed completely to protect Canadians, and after assuring everyone that the middle-class in Canada will get more support, no steps have been taken to rectify that. Wage growth is at an all-time low in Canada right now, and it is going to have severe implications for the immediate economic future of the country. The cost of living is going up faster than wages, and Bloomberg reports that the average Canadian wage growth is going to go up by only 1.12% in 2017, while cost of living (inflation) will increase by 2.05%.

This doesn’t help the middle-class Canadians because they aren’t making enough money to save anything and are in fact getting poorer. The government obviously doesn’t seem to think that it is a major problem, because they are focused on helping out refugees and donating to war-torn countries, while people in Canada are getting poorer. Who is to blame for the current economic state of affairs of Canada? The current government of course, who have come out with disastrous economic policies, and things are expected to go from bad to worse.

The carbon tax is about to be implemented in Canada, which will see the cost of living rise to new heights, and everything from clothing, food, to gasoline and other items, all of them will become more expensive. The people in government aren’t going to be affected by the carbon tax, because they will find ways to make money connections though expanding the government.

These policies are implemented to ensure that the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. Make no mistake about it, Canada’s middle-class is on a slippery slope right now, and if they continue to get squeezed, they will fall off the cliff and bring down Canada’s economy with them.