Where’s the Money? Canada’s Infrastructure Still Awaiting Investment from Trudeau Government

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Justin Trudeau simply can’t get his head around the fact that he must invest in Canada and help the Canadian people. He has done a brilliant job of boosting his image in mainstream media, but has done very little for the Canadian people to deserve their adoration. There have been billions of taxpayers’ dollars spent ever since he came into power, but there has been little to no investment in Canada’s infrastructure.

Currently Canada is running huge budget deficits, and this comes after Trudeau promised that over 3 years only deficits of $10 billion will be approved! However, his administration has already gone over that amount, and there seems to be no end in sight. A budget deficit is incredibly important in stimulating the economy, making long-term tangible investments, and keeping taxes low, but Trudeau doesn’t seem to have that on his agenda.

There is no money being invested in the infrastructure projects of Canada, which comes after the government promised to do that. The Parliamentary Budget Office (BPO) reported that about $4.6 billion out of $13 billion was spent, but none of that money was spent to improve living conditions for taxpayers. The government had promised to spend on infrastructure, which will directly boost the economy, but the money simply hasn’t been invested.

Justin Trudeau hasn’t helped his position by not following through with his promises, and his economic policies are damaging Canada. There are massive deficits, no GDP growth, higher taxes, rising debt, less wage increase, and money not being invested back in Canada. All of this leads to one of the worst economic records of any previous administration, and it is Canada that is going to be facing the long-term consequences.

This is a problem that the Trudeau administration must pay serious attention to because if they don’t, it will be catastrophic for Canada and its economy.


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