Young Canadians Will be stabbed in the Back by Justin Trudeau

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Justin Trudeau seems to be the darling of young Canadians, but they know very little about the social media star Trudeau. He may have mass appeal among the youth in Canada, but he hasn’t done them any favors, as the ineffective and wasteful spending of his government will have major consequences for the future generations. A massive debt is being incurred by Canada right now, and the failure to spend on the Canadians by the government will lead to a serious economic crisis.

There is a massive $23 billion per-year ‘skills and innovation’ budget planned by the Trudeau administration, but there isn’t going to be any reporting going on actual spending of that budget. This means that the government will have complete authority to spend $23 billion of taxpayer’s money with nobody keeping track of it, and no accountability on the spending!

The worst thing about this plan is that the Trudeau government is already increasing deficit spending, and it has reached an astonishing 12% already. The government should be keeping a check on their spending levels, and think about cutting taxes, but they aren’t doing that, and this is going to cause major economic problems for young Canadians in the future.

Trudeau’s spending hasn’t benefitted the Canadian economy, and taxpayer’s money is being invested in the wrong things by the government with no one questioning the spending. This is going to come back and haunt young Canadians as Trudeau continues to lead Canada’s economy into the ground.

It is the young Canadians that are going to be most affected by the current spending deficits of the government, and they should be concerned about the current deficit-financed activities of the Trudeau administration. Interest rates are set to rise, and this will further weaken economic growth for Canadians, while the only ones facing the consequences will be the young. They will soon realize that Justin Trudeau has stabbed them in the back by destroying their future through his failed economic policies and his administration’s agenda.