Canada in a Weakened Position after Trudeau’s Disastrous Globalist Policies

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The United States government is playing hardball with the Canadian government, and there is very little that Canada can do to control the decisions made by the U.S. The only thing Canada can control is improving their economy to place themselves in a competitive position; but that seems to be a task too big for Justin Trudeau. He hasn’t exactly helped himself by pushing through his misguided policies, which have placed Canada in a dangerously weak position.

Trudeau has led Canada into a ‘trade war’ with the United States, and there is only one winner in sight, with Canadian economy struggling massively. This is not the right time to get mixed in a trade war with the U.S. but Canada has no control over what Trump plans to do. Trudeau has made some monumental mistakes, and Canadians are going to pay the price for it.

His first mistake was forcing the carbon tax on Canadians, which has made the economy less competitive, and takes more money out of consumers’ pockets. This has hurt economic growth, and slowed down Canadian economy, which comes at a time when the United States have boosted their own economy, which is why they hold a significant advantage in all trade dealings.

The second mistake Trudeau made was trying to expand the government, without looking after Canadian taxpayers, and that has damaged the consumer engine of the economy, and weakened the domestic market as well. This means that Canada relies heavily on exports, which is subject to the impulses of other countries.

Trudeau’s third mistake is trying to place himself as a globalist first, instead of being a Canadian. He has won international praise for standing up for different industries that are challenged by the U.S. but he has done little to help Canadian workers. It has robbed Trudeau of any toughness and strength of character, which means that he isn’t the right man to fight for the best interests of Canada.