NDP Moves Ahead with 10 Point Lead over Liberals in BC

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Election Day is only two weeks away, and the news is that the BC New Democratic Party has already opened up a significant 10 point lead over the Liberals. These results are different from previous surveys, which showed a close race between the parties, and have therefore surprised a lot of people. The governing party is not leading in the race, and this is exciting news for Canadians, who have grown tired of the disastrous policies of the Liberals.

The BC Liberals have over 16 years of political baggage and have come under increasing fire over foreign property investment that has taken place under their watch. The criticism they are getting is on acquiring political donations from foreign corporations, and the increase in cost of living, which comes at a time of low wage gains for the majority of residents. All of this has meant that this re-election was going to be a tough one for the Liberals, but even they must be shocked over the sudden surge made by the NDP in the polls.

However, let’s not paint a rosy picture, because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and the NDP also have their own problems. They don’t really cover themselves in glory, as they increase debt massively, increased taxes significantly, and expanded government size as well. All of this happened while the middle class was struggling and remained poor.

Alberta is a prime example of NDP rule, where the economic crises brought on by falling oil prices, resulted in NDP raising taxes, and imposing restrictions on consumers, along with the energy industry. This proved to be disastrous and led to rising debt, which didn’t improve the economy in any way. The lead NDP currently hold over the Liberals is by no means irrecoverable, as history has shown that leads count for little in the homestretch.