Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Government Revokes Policy That Stated Immigration Marriage Was Fraud

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Another day and another one of PM Trudeau’s insane policies introduced in Canada. By now, we can say for sure that the prime minister is not one to miss an opportunity that will make his immigration system weaker. In fact, he has shown zero support for Canada and made a mockery of the country’s border. Already, the integrity of Canada’s immigration system is compromised and now he is lowering the bar even further.

PM Trudeau has repealed the policy approved by the previous Conservative party that was introduced to stop immigrants with marriage fraud from passing through the immigration system. This policy was introduced in October 2012 and required immigrants to have a live-in relationship with their spouse for two years after arriving in Canada. Immigrants who fell short of this requirement were deported.

The rule allowed the immigration system to detect marriages of convenience and marriage fraud. In case of marriage fraud, the immigrant tries to convince a Canadian for marriage, and as the immigrant arrives in Canada the marriage is abruptly ended once he or she secures the status of a legal resident.

As for marriages of convenience, the couple pretends that they have a genuine relationship. Once the immigration system grants the spouse entry through the sponsor, they dissolve the marriage quietly. Oftentimes, marriages of convenience are done for payment.

Now, imagine immigrants trying to fool the immigration system and they would do so easily because PM Trudeau has revoked another policy that protected Canadian borders.

At first, the conservative rules were criticized and people said that the policy trapped them in an abusive relationship. Though the policy stopped marriage fraud, the government had also put in a clause that exempted people living in an abusive relationship. If an immigrant was neglected or abused by their sponsor, they had full rights to exit the relationship and still have their Canadian status.

When the rules were introduced, immigrants had difficulty in understanding what the rules meant for them. A problem like this could have been easily solved by making them aware of the rules in simpler terms and making sure that everyone knows their rights.

However, instead of spending a few billions to educate them, which PM’s government gave to CBC and foreign aid, they scrapped off the rules entirely. This revoked policy proves that PM Trudeau is not in favor of Canadian people.


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