Trudeau Gives CBC $500K for “We Are Canada” Show Despite $1 Billion Budget!

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The CBC is paid a massive $1 billion from taxpayers every single year, but it seems that government bureaucrats think that it isn’t enough. They demanded that an extra $1 million be paid for the “We Are Canada” series running on CBC. That is outrageous but not according to Justin Trudeau, as he caved under the demands, and gave them an additional $500,000 of taxpayer money to product the show.

The CBC has great appetite for taxpayer money, and the $1 billion dollar funding it gets from the government is now not enough for them. The Liberal budget introduced in 2016 had pledged a further $675 million over 5 years to CBC in order to help them adapt to new digital technologies. The CBC is only after more money, and it is taxpayer money that they are going after, and they will always want more.

It is up to the government elites at the top to help protect taxpayer money, but they are completely ignoring that. They don’t care whether the economy is struggling and taxpayers are already burdened, but have no problem in increasing funds for CBC. The “We are Canada” seems like a pet project for them, and it is being made with taxpayer dollars, without getting consent from taxpayers.

The CBC will survive without getting additional funding from taxpayers, as they have voluntary donations and private advertising to generate revenue from. The worst part is that the CBC don’t even spend all that money properly, and only tend to spend it on producing pro-government and pro-Trudeau propaganda, which doesn’t serve any good to the taxpayers.

It is high time that the taxpayers asked for accountability from the government over how their tax dollars are spent, as that is the only way the government will stop wasting taxpayers’ dollars.