Canadian Stocks Aren’t Looking that Good Currently

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The Canadian stock market isn’t looking pretty at this moment in time. It has come to the point where the stocks are at their worst point in history, which is pretty bad news for Canada. Investors are not considering Canadian stocks, in fear of the position of the economy currently. The main reason why investors have a negative perception about Canadian stocks is because of the low price of oil, with many expecting that to remain low.

The other main reason for the negative perception of Canadian stocks is the state of the Canadian housing market. It has become overheated, and that is never good for the economy, which is why investors are getting cold feet about Canadian stocks. The global stock market is heavily based on technology and healthcare companies, and there are ‘virtually non-existent’ on the Toronto Stock Exchange, which is why many investors don’t want Canadian stocks.

Canada has a major problem on their hands, with the state of its economy not looking good, and the future only bringing about more uncertainty. However, some investors have hopes for Canadian stocks, claiming that they will still have value, even if the economy keeps getting worse. However, when asked if they would still invest in Canadian stocks, they claimed that it wouldn’t be the smartest decision.

That just goes to show how badly the Canadian stock market and economy has fallen under Justin Trudeau’s leadership, as even foreign investors are ready to jump ship. The next elections can’t come soon enough, because Canada needs a new leader, who will not only strengthen the economy but also make Canadian stocks favorable again, so that investors consider investing in Canada once again.

Justin Trudeau seems to not have a clue about running government and is driving Canada further into the ground.


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