Justin Trudeau & Politicians Increase their Own Salaries

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It is no secret to learn that the political elites in Ottawa are getting salary raises, while taxpayers on the other hand have to deal with lower wage gains and stagnant wages. The Canadian workers are going through the worst wage growth in over two decades, with inflation growing at a faster rate, meaning that Canadians are actually getting poorer.

At a time when the establishment should be setting a good example, it has done the opposite by increasing their current salaries, while the average Canadian gets poorer every year. The wages for the MP’s will rise by 1.4%, which will bring the base pay of MP’s to about $172,000. This means that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not only gets his base wage, but an additional $172,700 , which will bring his total salary to around $340,800 per year!

The most infuriating part is that this salary is paid with taxpayer money, while Trudeau will also get a car allowance of $2,000 as well. The members of senate will get a rise of 1.6%, which will increase their salary to $147,700, with politicians claiming that these wage hikes aren’t bigger than in previous years. It seems that for politicians, inflation doesn’t work the same way as for ordinary Canadians, since they also get a daily allowance for food, paid for by the taxpayers apart from their salaries, along with travel allowances as well.

Therefore, they are indifferent to the rising costs of travel and food that Canadian families have to bear, because they don’t have to worry about those costs. It seems as if there is one economy for the ones in power, and another economy for the others. It is being reported that Justin Trudeau could have chosen to freeze the pay of all politicians, like Stephen Harper, but he didn’t.