Justin Trudeau was waiting on a ‘Better’ Softwood Deal from Trump

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The trade negotiations between Canada and United States have very high stakes, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau trying to get the best possible trade deals with the U.S. President Donald Trump. Reports coming from former US trade representatives have revealed that Trudeau had a previous agreement with former US president Obama on softwood lumber.

However, Trudeau decided that he could wait on a renewal of that deal, since he expected to get a far better deal from Donald Trump after he became president. Sources claim that a deal on softwood lumber was about to be reached with the Obama administration, but negotiations broke down after the elections, when the political elites in Canada decided they would get better deals by negotiating with the Trump administration.

That has turned out to be a monumental error on the part of Trudeau and his administration, as they have failed to get any trade deal in favor of Canada from the Trump administration, and it doesn’t seem as if they ever will. The frustrating thing is that Trudeau had a chance to get a softwood deal done with Obama, but chose to take his chances with a ruthless deal-maker in Trump.

While many are blaming Trudeau for blowing the chance to strike a good deal, most don’t lay the finger of blame on him but others in his administration. The fact of the matter remains that Canada stands to lose a lot with these trade deals not going in their favor, and the Trudeau administration has failed as a collective unit to get the best deals for Canada. The reality is that Trudeau made a horrendous error in judgment, and the price will be paid by the softwood lumber industry and the Canadian people.


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