Justin Trudeau Weakening Refugee Screening Measures for Dangerous Countries

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The refugee crisis is all set to get worse in Canada as Justin Trudeau is moving to approve refugee claimants from Pakistan, Syria, India, and Eritrea without a real hearing. The move is dangerous for the Trudeau government, as it is playing with fire, and could weaken the immigration system by putting Canadians at risk to potential terrorists.

The Trudeau government plans to introduce this measure, which will allow them to rubber-stamp approval of asylum seekers from war-torn or dangerous countries. This will pose a serious threat to the national security of Canada. The new rules will ensure that asylum seekers from such countries will get around 80% approval rates, without the need of a lengthy hearing process. There is even news that the asylum seekers will get approved without an in-person hearing, and will get in by submitting a paper application.

This could turn out to be very dangerous, because, while most people coming in from those countries pose no threat, those very nations are unstable, and filled with extremists. That is why there is a strict, formal hearing process put in place, which is designed to help keep Canadians safe. Trudeau is going to put Canadians in danger by removing those hearings.

There is no doubting the intentions of Justin Trudeau any longer, he is doing this to enhance his globalist image as he doesn’t want to discriminate against refugees, but at what cost? At the current rate the Trudeau administration is endangering the safety of Canada, and there could be serious consequences in the future caused by their current actions.

The Trudeau government claims to be working for the benefit of Canadians, but their actions doesn’t reflect their words. The government doesn’t want to discuss this matter, and are refusing to comment on weakening the refugee screening measures for dangerous countries, which makes it clear that Trudeau and his administration don’t have the best interests of Canadians at heart.