Trudeau Liberals Rejected Military Request for More Funding

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The Canadian military is seriously under-funded at this current moment in time, with the defense spending falling to well below 1% of the GDP, the lowest it has been in modern times. This should be a priority for the government, but the Trudeau government doesn’t seem to want to help strengthen the military of Canada. It is clear for everyone that the Trudeau Liberals don’t want to spend money on the military, with multiple sources claiming that they have also rejected military requests for more funding.

That is extremely bizarre considering that every other nation around the world is increasing defense spending and strengthening their military, except Canada. The government has flat out refused to fund the military further, and this has led to Canadian military becoming increasingly weak. The Trudeau liberals cancelled $8.4 billion on equipment spending, and slashed the military budged, which is hampering the way the military is run.

The military currently needs about $2 billion in order to maintain its current operations, and it is struggling with those numbers, because Trudeau is sending more troops, and not increasing funding. The Trudeau government is putting soldiers in harm’s way, by not providing their troops with the best military equipment on the market. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Trudeau is doing a terrible job of running the military, because the government is giving away billions in foreign aid, but won’t consider spending on military to support the troops.

It is down to everyday Canadians to stand up to the Trudeau Liberals and demand answers from them, about why they are cutting funding to the military, and where is that money being invested. The Canadian men and women in uniform protect everyday Canadians; it is time that everyday Canadians protect them as well.