Barbara Kay Cites Lots of Examples of Anti-Israel Bias from CBC

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Marwan Barghouti is a charismatic political activist, apart from being a man who is currently 15 years into a 40-year prison sentence. The New York Times recently published an op-ed on him titled, “Why We are on Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons”, which included a byline, “Marwan Barghouti is a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian.” This sparked a furious reaction from Israeli officials, about the omission of ‘Barghouti being a bad man’.

The article went on to explain about the prison sentence of Barghouti, but chose to leave out details regarding the offenses he committed that led to his conviction. He has been convicted on 5 counts of murder of innocent Israelis and was also a member of a terrorist organization. Readers were also left confused about the same problem in the article from CBC news, which basically posted it in its original form without adding any context or narrative.

Following complaints from the CBC editor-in-chief, Jennifer McGuire, further context was added, to ensure that there was no Canadian bias against Israel. There was also a further comment that explained the update to the article, and why it was necessary to do so. This isn’t the first time that CBC has been involved in controversy regarding anti-Israel bias, as there have been numerous instances where it has posted articles without properly vetting or proof reading them.

The CBC has a history of adding bias to its Israel coverage, and that needs to stop, because it is providing people with incorrect information. That goes against journalistic ethics, and all articles printed or posted have to be fair and from a neutral perspective so that such a problem never occurs again. It remains to be seen if CBC will take the necessary steps to ensure that these problems don’t occur again.


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