Ontario Landlord has to pay $12,000 to Muslim Couple for Visiting Unannounced and Not Removing Shoes

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If anyone has been wondering how the new rules and regulations the Trudeau government is dishing out to protect religious freedom will affect us all in the future, here’s an eye opener. An Ontario Landlord who had rented out the main floor of his home in Brampton, Ontario to an Arab Muslim couple has to pay them $12,000 in compensation after he failed to accommodate their religious practices, when he was showing the apartment to other tenants. This comes after the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario found him guilty of ‘harassing them and creating a poisoned housing environment’.

The landlord, John Alabi, was guilty of not removing his shoes when he entered the bedroom where the couple used to pray, in order to show it to prospective tenants. He also used to provide a mandated 24-hour notice before any showings, but wasn’t regular in providing the 5 minute heads-up the Muslim had requested, so that the wife would get time to dress modestly and so that they weren’t in the middle of one of their five daily prayers.

Vice chair Jo-Anne Pickel claimed that the requests made by the Muslim couple were fair and they didn’t try to impose their way of life on anyone. Their requests were simple, and were made to accommodate their religious practices, which could have easily been met by the landlord. His failure to meet the requests led to undue hardships for the couple, and that resulted in the landlord having to pay $12,000 in damages to the couple.

Alabi told the human rights tribunal that he had no intention of disrespecting his tenants or their religion, but the tribal saw it as discrimination against them. Alabi further accused the couple of trying to create roadblocks for him to rent out the apartment. This is just one example of how the rules and regulations in Canada have changed to accommodate Muslims.