Harjit Sajjan Shows Disrespect by Skipping Veterans Fundraiser

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Harjit Sajjan is not having a great time right now, as he seems to keep making the wrong decisions. It hasn’t been long, since he gave numerous half-hearted apologies, after he was exposed lying, and now he has decided to skip a fundraiser for Canadian Veterans, due to scheduling conflicts. The fundraiser, known as “To the ‘Stan and Back’” will raise money for first responders and Canadian Veterans, who are dealing with trauma and PTSD.

The Canadian press is claim that Sajjan was going to speak at the fundraiser, but cancelled his speech at the last minute, citing that he ‘had to be somewhere else’. When the Press reached out to Sajjan’s office, there was no reason given for the scheduling conflict, and it can be safely assumed that the real reason for Sajjan skipping the fundraiser is to hide from Canadian Veterans.

It is a pathetic attempt by Harjit Sajjan to make this about a scheduling conflict, as no one is being fooled by it. The real reason Sajjan doesn’t want to speak at the fundraiser is because he doesn’t want to answer and face Canadian Veterans, after the disrespect he showed them after claiming to be the ‘architect’ of Operation Medusa, in which he had no role.

He knew that he would obviously be called out on his lie, and he thought that it would be better to skip the fundraiser, rather than have to explain himself to the Canadian Veterans, who had served on Operation Medusa, and who he had insulted with his lies. Sajjan apparently has no scheduling conflict next week, where he is scheduled to speak on the defense policy of the Liberals in front of industry elites and military experts.

It speaks greatly about the character of Harjit Sajjan that he has willingly chosen to skip the fundraiser for Canadian Veterans, but is going to speak in front of an elite crowd.