Police Union Head Claims that Charges against Fellow Caucus Member Were Blocked By Liberals

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A thick cloud of suspicion is still surrounding the Quebec Liberal Caucus, after allegations were leveled against them for political interference by the Montreal police union. The head of the Montreal Police Union claimed that he was ordered by law-enforcement officials to ‘do something’, after an unidentified person had blocked more than 2000 criminal cases from going on to court. The cases in question involved a current Liberal member of the National Assembly, and another one who have recently resigned from office.

There have been numerous individuals arrested in recent times with connections to the Quebec Liberals, and this comes after the Liberal Premier had promised that things would change. This latest revelation could seriously undermine that promise, because if found guilty it is a serious crime committed by Liberal politicians. It comes as no surprise to find that Quebec Liberals have claimed that these allegations are fraudulent and more influence peddling to undermine the party.

The comments made by the Police Union Head also drew a strong response from Quebec’s Director of Criminal Prosecutions, who criticized the comments and demanded to know why he wasn’t informed about this when this was happening. This news also comes at a time when the Montreal Police Union is locked in tough pension negotiations with the government.

Following the allegations Sam Hamad a Liberal member resigned straightaway, which shocked a lot of people. However, Hamad claims that the resignation had been planned for a long-time, and has nothing to do with the allegations. While no one really knows the truth at this moment in time, it can safely be said that there is little trust or goodwill with Quebec Liberals after their long history of problems related to corruption.