Trudeau Decides on Keeping Sajjan in an Act of Total Contempt for Canadians

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Justin Trudeau had promised Canadians that he would be ‘different’, when he was campaigning, but with each passing day, he is showing utter disrespect to them. He had told the Canadian people that he would bring about a new way of doing politics, even though the majority of Canadians were skeptical about him, which meant that he didn’t get majority government. He was elected on the basis that he would be different than traditional politicians, and he would fulfill all the promises he made to the Canadian people.

However, Canadians have caught up to the games of Justin Trudeau, and realize that he is all talk and no action. He has shown the Canadian people nothing but contempt, and has done absolutely nothing that he had promised the Canadians. He has sent people to prison for behavior he brags about doing, gives away billions in foreign to other countries while Canadians struggle, slanders people who have concerns about terrorism and raises taxes on Canadian families.

In short, he has done everything that he promised not to do, and did so with a smile on his face. It clearly shows that Justin Trudeau has contempt for the people that elected him, and who he has to serve, and that point is further strengthened by his latest actions. Trudeau is keeping Harjit Sajjan, after the former lied disgracefully, about being the ‘architect’ of Operation Medusa.

Harjit Sajjan was caught lying straight by the establishment media, but rather than denounce him, Trudeau is support him. This isn’t the first time that Sajjan has been caught lying, and it clearly shows that he has disrespected Canadian people, but Trudeau doesn’t see it like that. He won’t hold Sajjan accountable, and will allow him to get off scot-free with only a half-hearted apology.


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