Trudeau Hasn’t Met with Ethics Commissioner as Promised

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Justin Trudeau found himself in hot water after his trip to the private island of billionaire Aga Khan. He caught flak for his contravention of the rules, and was asked to appear in front of an ethics investigation. At the time Trudeau tried his best to diffuse the situation and claimed that he would ‘cooperate with the ethics commissioner’, which would mean an in-person meeting would be required.

Opposition MP Chris Warkentin didn’t want to let Trudeau off the hook so easily and put forth a question paper in order to verify that Trudeau was speaking the truth regarding the events that happened. Warkentin wanted Trudeau to provide complete details about his trip, and the Prime Minister stated that he would willingly oblige to any and all requests regarding the conflict of interest and ethics investigations.

However, there is no tangible proof that Justin Trudeau has even appeared in front of the ethics commissioner, because when asked to share details or provide proof of meetings with Trudeau, the Ethics Commissioner’s office declined. This was an insult to Canadians, because if the Prime Minister can’t be held accountable there is no hope for any Canadian.

Justin Trudeau has been widely lambasted by the media for being a Prime Minister that makes empty promises and never seems to follow his own plans. The Trudeau government thinks that it is entitled to act without accountability and scrutiny from Canadians. They have used their power in ways that break all the rules, and seem to think that the rules don’t apply to them.

There is no proof that Justin Trudeau has met with the Ethics Commissioner as promised, and is something that the Canadian people shouldn’t take lightly. Trudeau and his government must be held accountable for everything wrong that they do, because they are not above the law, and are answerable to the Canadian people who elected him.