BREAKING: Trudeau To Be Under Investigation AGAIN, Billions At Stake

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The conflict-of-interest scandal continues once again for Justin Trudeau. 

A new infrastructure bank which will cost Canadian tax payers $35 billion is coming to Canada thanks to Justin Trudeau. 

BlackRock is part of the group in discussion with the Trudeau government and they will be given more power than they legally can. 

From SF:


Government documents show that BlackRock had the power to not only comment, but also “review” what the government would say to investors. We can be certain BlackRock was also allowed to make changes – which means they were writing government policy.

The head of Democracy Watch – Duff Conacher – has said he will ask the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner to investigate whether the Trudeau government is violating the Conflict of Interest Act by giving BlackRock such influence over government policy.

Yet another conflict-of-interest problem for Trudeau.

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