Calgary Refugee Couple Name Newborn “Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal”

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Justin Trudeau born again.

A Calgary couple who fled Syria named their newborn child after Justin Trudeau to show their appreciation that the Trudeau government brought more than 33,000 refugees to Canada.

From CTV:

The Bilals decided to not only name the baby Justin, but give him the first name of Justin-Trudeau, in honour of the prime minister for working to bring Syrian refugees to Canada.

According to Afraa, children are normally named after their grandparents in Syria but the couple wanted a different Canadian name for the baby boy born in the country that accepted them.

“We are very thankful to this person because he brings lots of Syrians, a lot of refugees (to Canada),” Afraa told CTV Calgary.

But the question remains, what if the child grows up to be conservative?