Canadian Government Punishes Troops Who Spoke Against Benefit Cuts

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The Trudeau government seems intent on punishing Canadian troops, who decided to exercise their rights for freedom of speech. The soldiers serving in Kuwait, in the fight against the Islamic State, are serving in a danger zone, and were supposed to get tax-free incomes. However, the Trudeau government is changed the rules, taking away those benefits last year. That is when the troops decided to take back their benefits by openly voicing their disapproval over the measures placed by the government on them.  

They had expected that by voicing out their concerns the government would agree to reach a sensible agreement. However, they have underestimated the Trudeau government, because instead of restoring the benefits, they have taken the benefits away from a further 300 Canadian troops serving in Kuwait! That is simply outrageous, and is seen by many as the government bullying the soldiers by taking away their benefits. The government doesn’t care that the soldiers are fighting in the danger zone, and this has rightfully enraged a lot of people.

There have been calls made to the Trudeau administration to make sense of their decisions for taking away the benefits of soldiers that had spoken out against them. Freedom of Speech is the right of every Canadian, even if they are serving in the military, and punishing them for speaking against the removal of their benefits is downright despicable.

The punishment of 15 Canadian troops for speaking on behalf of their fellow troops is the last straw for many people, who have claimed that the government has a total lack of belief in freedom of speech. Canada should be doing more for soldiers who are fighting in the danger zone, instead of taking away the benefits they have.