Senate Wasted $600K in Taxpayers Money on Don Meredith Investigation

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The Canadian senate seems to love wasting taxpayer money, with prime examples all across the board. There is absolutely no respect for taxpayers in Canada, and nothing could be a better example than the case of the senate wasting an eye-watering $600K on the investigation of Senator Don Meredith. It was recently ruled by the Senate Ethics Committee that Senator Meredith, has to be barred from Senate, after his ‘inappropriate’ relationship with a teenager.

That decision was reached after a two year investigation, and during that time, it was the Canadian taxpayers who were getting swindled out of their money. The Toronto Star estimates that taxpayers ended up paying around $600,000 on meals, travel, office, salary, and other expenses of Senator Meredith, during the time he was under investigation. Senator Meredith had stopped attending the Senate during his investigation, but was taking his full salary, along with all the taxpayer funded allowances for travel, food, and hotels.

Think of all that money being wasted on a man that was known by everyone as guilty, and should have been reprimanded immediately. But the Senate needed another 2 years to decide that, meanwhile it cost taxpayers an atrocious sum of money. It is clear to everyone that the elites have one rule, while there are different rules in place for everyone else.

The amount of money spend on Meredith during the past 2 years is outrageous, and it clearly shows the flaws in the political system, when a guilty man could take home his full salary plus benefits. The average Canadian wouldn’t enjoy that level of job security, no matter where he was working, and we haven’t even talked about the possible benefits, like free hotel stays, free meals, and free travel on top of your regular pay.


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