Trudeau Government Fails to Uphold Promise to Hire Veterans

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Canada is in debt to its Veterans, who fought for the country and secured freedom, and prosperity for all Canadians, which is why they deserve all the respect in the world. Every Canadian owes them, but unfortunately the government doesn’t repay them back for the wonderful service they have done for their country. Veterans should be treated like national treasures and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that they are well taken care of when they return from duty.

This means making amendments to the broken Veterans Affairs Department, and ensuring that there are good jobs for Veterans. This is why everyone was in support of the promise made by the Trudeau government that they would hire more Veterans in public service. However, it seems that it is another broken promise in the long line of failed promises of this current government. The Trudeau government seems to not care what happens to Canadian Veterans, because they have no intention and no plans in place to deliver on their promise.

That is a tragedy, because Canadian Veterans deserve more respect, and promises made to them should be upheld, because failing them after the service they have done for this country is shameful. It is the government’s job to find good jobs for Veterans in public service, but the Trudeau government has its priorities elsewhere. The current government is big on words, but when it comes to implementing those words into action, they fall woefully short.

It is a disturbing pattern that has carried on for far too long, and Canadians must hold Justin Trudeau and his administration accountable for failing to provide Canadian Veterans with all that they had promised before coming into power. Those who serve Canada deserve to get top priority, instead of being ignored and cast aside for their courage and bravery to defend Canadians.


Delilah is 31 years old from Toronto Canada and has a conservative view on politics, she lives on the road following big names in politics, she has come upon us with many years writing experience, in her early years she has been all over Europe back-packing and had the "adventure of a lifetime" before settling down to write news on Canadian and World politics.