Trudeau is starting his Cash-for-Access Events Once Again

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Justin Trudeau was lambasted by the media, after his cash-for-access fundraisers came into the spotlight. He was criticized by everyone, because these fundraisers were being held for foreign billionaires, the majority of whom had lobbied to Trudeau so that they can take over Canadian companies. The Liberals went into damage limitation mode, when they announced that these cash-for-access fundraisers would no longer be held, but it seems that was temporary.

Once the backlash died, they decided to incorporate some changes, which included that fundraisers would be held in public from now on, instead of clubs or private homes. The second change was that these fundraisers would be publicly advertised in advance in a timely manner, with complete details of the number of people attending and the amount of money that was raised.

However, it seems that it was all a cover up to get media attention off from these cash-for-access events, because Trudeau hasn’t stopped at all. He is going to be attending a cash-for-access event at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, with reports from Trudeau Liberals that they will report details 45 days prior the fundraiser. Don’t actually hold your breath to hear from them, because Trudeau Liberals can’t be trusted to share honest facts.

There will not be accurate figures about the number of people and the amount of money that was raised, which is why the important question is, does Trudeau really think that he can do anything he wants? The answer sadly is yes, because Trudeau hasn’t done an ethical thing, since he took over office, and is only out to fuel his own elitist and globalist agenda with no regard for Canadians. He seems intent on selling out Canada to the highest bidder, and the Liberals are only in it for the money.


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