Trudeau Shows Disloyalty by Lying about Conservatives to Foreign Press Outlet

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Justin Trudeau has proven during his time in power that he doesn’t have any loyalty towards Canada. He has been lying openly to foreign press sources about his opposition, which only serves to build up his image in foreign countries. He has been doing this cleverly in order to ingratiate himself with the globalist elites by showing that his government is defending Canada from the Conservatives. Trudeau has shown that there are no depths that he wouldn’t stoop to in order to get his own way, and his statements about the Conservative Party are downright despicable, because they are all lies.

He has openly stated that the Conservatives are out to get Muslims and are looking to make their lives hell in Canada. That is wide of the mark, because the Conservatives are not out to target Muslims, they are out to target anyone that is a threat to Canada. However, Trudeau doesn’t want the Conservatives to get any sympathy from the international media, which is why he is spinning lies in order to paint a better picture of his government. This is an age-old tactic in politics, and one that the Conservatives should have seen coming. Trudeau is playing dirty now, and the Conservative Party shouldn’t take this lying down, and need to respond to the outrageous lies Justin Trudeau is saying about them.

The main reason Trudeau lies so much is because he wants to win praise from the globalists and the elites. He is lying about his own country, so that he wins popularity in foreign media, and that is why you can safely conclude that Trudeau isn’t a true patriot at heart. He is a Canadian no doubt, but one that doesn’t love his country as much as he claims.