Canadian Economy under Trudeau Shows Weakest Wage Growth since 1997

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Trudeau economy has proven to be an absolute disaster and Canadians are paying the price for it. The current economic situation in Canada is the worst it has ever been, and that comes after massive deficit spending. Stats Canada released data, showing that the wage growth in Canada stands at just 0.7%, which is comfortably the lowest in the last 2 decades. This clearly shows how Trudeau economy is a complete and utter failure.

The government is looking to spend massive amounts of money, increasing debt at rapid rates, and running huge deficits. However, it is unable to bring the economy to stable standards, because the government has placed the financial future of Canada at risk. They have increased debts, and Canadians are getting poorer by the day with next to no wage growth. There is no denying the fact that wage numbers are horrendous, but the mainstream media is still putting a positive spin on those numbers, and that is a dangerous game to play.

There are currently more people unemployed in Canada than ever before, and the number of people who have completely given up on finding work is staggering. The Labor Force released data showing that a large number of people gave up looking for work, with more than 45,000 dropping out of the Labor Force completely.

After considering the population growth in the country, the labor market in comparison has weakened significantly, with Trudeau and the media putting a positive spin on things. Trudeau doesn’t want the truth about the economy coming out, which is why he is trying to cover the situation up. It is obvious that he doesn’t want to take any responsibility for the current failure of the economy, and the future looks very bleak for Canada under his reign.