The Time is Right for Canada to Build-Up a Large Military

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Harjit Sajjan, the Defence Minister of Canada has lost all credibility, after lying repeatedly for being the ‘architect’ for Operation Medusa. He spoke about Canada’s Defence Policy Review, and staying true to his pattern for deceiving people, he blamed the military woes of Canada on the last government. This comes after the Liberals have decided to cut down on military spending, and it is at its at 0.88% of the GDP.

Sajjan is only laying down the groundwork and will continue cutting funding of the military, which is only going to harm Canada in the end.  The Trudeau government has already taken out a significant chunk of future military spending with $12 billion, while there are massive cuts pending as well. The government is making no effort to hide its efforts for slashing military spending down to the bare bones, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time, with world growing increasingly unstable.

By cutting the budget of the military, the government is playing a dangerous game, and it will endanger the lives of Canadians, because the timing is not right. There are conflicts in the Middle East, and Russia is already strengthening its military forces, with China following suit. Canada is the only country that is weakening its military, and it is sending the wrong signals to nations all over the world. If a third World War does break out, it will land the entire world into chaos, and there will be a mad scramble for resources, and that will place Canada, which has massive amounts of water, oil reserves, and land in a precarious position.

Canada should be prepared for the worst, and that means increasing the military defence budget, not slashing it further.


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