Conservatives Plan to Introduce Motion of ‘Non-Confidence’ for Harjit Sajjan

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Harjit Sajjan may have apologized but his lies will not be forgotten, not anytime soon at least. The Defence Minister has avoided speaking in public after his incessant lies about him being the ‘architect’ of Operation Medusa was caught. The Conservatives will clearly not let him off the hook that easily and have already planned to put forward a motion in the House of Commons, declaring a loss of confidence in Harjit Sajjan.

The motion will be tabled by a Conservative defence critic, James Bezan, who will provide the MP’s with the chance to vote on whether they have any confidence in the dishonest defence minister. Sajjan’s lack of honesty has been clearly exposed, and it could prove to be highly problematic as he is also the defence minister, which will make his job very difficult to manage.

Sajjan hasn’t only lied about being the ‘architect’, he was also caught lying about the CF-18 missions in Iraq, and has also previously blamed the Conservatives falsely for reducing benefits for troops in Kuwait, even though it was later proven that the benefit cut was done by the Trudeau government.

Harjit Sajjan has been caught in numerous lies before, and this is why the Conservatives are going to put forward this motion of ‘non-confidence’. The Canadian people deserve someone who is truthful and doesn’t make wild allegations, when they are defence minister. The Canadian men and women in uniform also need to be able to trust a person, who leads the defence department.

Sajjan has quite clearly shown that he is not the right man for the job, and can’t be trusted at all, which is why he needs to go. The motion of ‘non-confidence’ is going to properly show, who stands for Canadians, and who stands for the Trudeau government.