Taxpayers are being charged by Bureaucrats for Elitist Rideau Club Memberships

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Justin Trudeau and his administration continue disrespecting taxpayers by spending their money at will. A new report released by iPolitics has revealed that the top bureaucrats in Trudeau’s administration are all billing taxpayers to fund their memberships at the elitist Rideau Club. This is a slap in the face of all taxpayers, because the Rideau Club is right at the center of Ottawa’s political and business scene, with memberships costing about $2,000 per year!

It has been reported that the top-level bureaucrats from 8 separate government agencies will be charging taxpayers to fund their memberships, and this has been going on since the last federal election that saw Trudeau and the Liberals come into power. The Rideau Club holds significance because it is a den of corporate lobbyists, and there are lots of nefarious activities taking place over there. It is completely unacceptable that taxpayers have to foot the bill for the memberships of rich bureaucrats, and something must be done to stop that.

This is another case of how the elitists are using the money of taxpayers for their own personal use, and are going to do nothing to help people out. The complete list of offences that the elitists and bureaucrats have committed has already caused public outcry and this latest offense is going to be another blot in the book.

It seems that the only reason the government is looking to raise taxes for the people is so that they can indulge themselves and waste even more taxpayer dollars. This also comes at the cost of the Canadian people living in poverty, while the rich and elite continue to fill their pockets. The entire system is corrupt and the established media is not going to highlight this problem, since they also support the Liberals and see nothing wrong in what they are doing.