The Only Chance Canada Has to become unified is Through Patriotism

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The entire world has gone crazy, it may seem, as each day brings new political tensions. Canada is not having the best time period right now, and it seems that the only way the country can back to being great again is if it is unified by patriotism. The elimination of patriotism is one of the main reasons why Canadian society is weak today, and it could cause the entire nation to collapse on itself.

There is a serious problem developing and this needs to be addressed, because by eliminating patriotism from the society it will cause people to fend themselves and become disjointed. A country like Canada that is home to people from all over the world needs patriotism, because it presents a national identity to all those people. Everyone needs an identity, and this is where patriotism works so well, because it provides people with the chance to work together, and fight for their identity.

Canada has lost its core identity as a country, and that is having a mirroring effect on the economy and the military defence of that nation will also lose its power. All of this is happening right now, and it is the Canadian people who are going to suffer as a result of all this. The solution is simple: rekindle patriotism in Canadians, so that they can take pride in being affiliated with a strong nation.

The power of patriotism supersedes everything, because it is through patriots that a country will be able to achieve its strength. Dedicated and motivated people ensure that the country is moving ahead in the right direction, and all the rest takes care of itself. Canada has forgotten how to harness the power of patriotism, and if done properly it can bring about a completely different reaction from citizens. The only chance Canada has to be united today is through patriotism.


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