Trudeau and Guests See Broadway Play with Taxpayer Money

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Justin Trudeau enjoyed a fine night and went to Broadway with representatives from Serbia, Turkmenistan, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Nations, with free tickets on taxpayer expense. The guest list also included Ivanka Trump, and the Trudeau government labeled the event as being a part of ‘Defending Canada’s Interests’. The one thing that irked people was that Canada’s economy is already struggling and its people are becoming poorer by the year, but taxpayer money is still being wasted.

There were 600 tickets purchased for the Broadway event, and all of them came from taxpayer money, which is infuriating. The main purpose of the event seemed to be focused on building a more cordial relationship with the Trump administration, which is why Ivanka Trump was invited. However, it can be safe to assume that this gesture will not do anything to stop the ongoing trade war between Canada and the United States.

The only thing that it did do was waste taxpayer money on something that the Trudeau administration could have paid out of their pockets. It seems that the administration just doesn’t see anything wrong in spending taxpayer money for their entertainment, or for entertaining foreign guests. The total cost for the tickets was around $30,000, which doesn’t sound like a lot of money. However, the fact that taxpayers are covering the costs of elites, for attending a Broadway play is infuriating.

The costs could have easily been covered by Trudeau himself, or any of the major corporations that were hosting or sponsoring the play. The underlying problem over here is that Justin Trudeau and his administration see taxpayer money as their own private funds, which is not what they are intended to be. These taxpayer funds should be spent to improve conditions for Canada, and are not meant for the elites to enjoy themselves.