Trudeau Planning on Wasting Millions on Worthless U.N. Bid

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Justin Trudeau seems to have an affinity towards wasting taxpayer money, and his latest plan is to waste taxpayer month outside the borders of Canada. He has already sent more than $500,000 in taxpayer money to make a bid for the UN Security Council seat, which is worthless, and it is expected that he will be spending millions more for it.

The UN Security Council will have two new spots in 2021, and Canada is fighting for these spots with Norway and Ireland. The money has already been spent on stamps, with ‘travel & hospitality’ meaning that there will be perks for the UN-connected global elites that will be paid by Canadian taxpayers. The campaigning for the seat is already followed by disgraceful and shady actions, as countries have resorted to buying votes, when that money could be used to enhance the situation for Canadian people.

Countries have also used foreign aid as a useful campaigning tool, and the worst part is that the money being spent is not going out of the pockets of the elites. It is the taxpayer’s money, which should be spent on them, and not for a seat at the UN Security Council. That seat will have no benefit for Canada; on the contrary, the biggest drawback for Canada is that the Security Council Votes will be controlled by the permanent members, namely the United States, Britain, France, China, and Russia.

These countries have the right to veto all resolutions, which means that the council never actually gets anything done. So in effect Justin Trudeau is simply wasting taxpayers’ money on a worthless bid, which will not do anything to solve the problems currently facing Canada. It is the wrong attitude to have, but should come as no surprise to the people of this country, as Trudeau has never really done anything for them, ever since he came into power.


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