Trudeau Must Resign After Offshore Tax Ties Revealed

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Justin Trudeau has been under a ethics investigation for some time now relating to his pricey vacation to Bell Island. 

CBC reports the island is owned by secretive web of corporations located in countries known to be offshore tax havens. 

Canadian tax payers money could have been spend illegally during that trip in this case by the Prime Minister.

“a CBC News investigation into Bell Island and the helicopter that carried Trudeau to the tropical retreat over the Christmas holidays has found a trail that includes several different companies and four countries known for their favourable tax rules and their ability to keep secrets.”

The legal ownership of Bell Island involves several shell companies and nominee directors with links to Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse. The reasons for the complex corporate structure are unclear, and officials connected to the Aga Khan have refused to comment.

Trudeau continues to deny any wrongdoing, read the full story here

Do you think Justin Trudeau should step down after this breakthrough? The question remains, what’s he hiding?