Trudeau In Edmonton Says He’s Going To Punish Alberta And Reward His Supporters 

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Justin Trudeau has enough balls to show up in Edmonton today to promote child tax benefits in Edmonton. 

Reporters were quick to change the subject and asked Trudeau about his aggressive carbon tax plan he’s going to impose. 

“We’re making it more expensive for things that we don’t want and making it rewarding for people to choose lower carbon behaviours,” he said.

In other works Trudeau wants to punish the biggest oil province in the world by putting a tax on carbon, and reward those who support the carbon tax, which is only his supporters. 

“To demonstrate that we understand that the world is moving towards a lower carbon economy and therefore the opportunity to innovate, to create good jobs and to lead the way is what Canadians should be doing.” He added. 

What jobs? Rachel Notley’s carbon tax has already cost thousands of jobs, Trudeau is never welcome in Alberta. Share this message if you agree.