Does Justin Trudeau Want To Ban The Holy Bible?

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Here’s a few facts, some hidden by the mainstream media and hard to find.

  • Justin Trudeau once said: “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society”
  • Trudeau allowed over 33,000 Muslim refugees into Canada, 99% of which were Muslim.
  • Trudeau wants laws against criticizing Muslims, but not Christians.
  • Trudeau thinks diversity with non-vetted Muslims are Canadian values.

With only a few facts Justin Trudeau has openly criticized Christians and other non-Muslims religions.

Just like Mecca and Medina, leaders banned the holy bible there, it may seem extreme, but if Trudeau stays in office too long he will do the same.

Did Trudeau say “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society”? So far it hasn’t been denied yet, watch below.

So the question remains, is Trudeau’s long term goal to create a bigger Mecca and Medina here in Canada?