1 Dead 26 Wounded In Memorial Day Massacre In U.S. – Officials Expected To Address The Nation

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The loss of respect for all the things that we used to hold sacred has accelerated at an alarming rate in the United States in recent years. Our national sovereignty, our freedoms, and our very lives are all under fire by those with a short sighted selfish view of the world. It may have started with politicians who’s idea of winning votes was to give away the rights of the hard working in favor of those who screamed the loudest that they were being mistreated, but that sense of entitlement has now filtered down to those who think they can get away with anything.

On a weekend when anyone who has a heart is thinking of those who gave their lives for our freedoms, apparently the violent are still thinking of how to get what they want, and that includes shooting up their fellow Americans. Chicago is most notably hit by the violent spree as thugs try to ruin more lives and add to the lawlessness that has taken over Chicago’s inner city.

CHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) –
“A 15-year-old boy was killed and at least 26 other people have been wounded in Chicago shootings throughout the Memorial Day weekend, including two people wounded in a shooting on I-57 on the Far South Side.