CBC: “Jagmeet Singh would bring new diversity to federal politics”

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Isn’t that Justin Trudeau’s agenda? Make Canada more diversified? 

Apparently it’s the CBC’s agenda as well, on May 21 they published this article. 

Here’s some highlights:

“not since 1873 has a man with a beard led his party to victory in a federal election. History would thus be made if Jagmeet Singh leads the NDP to forming government after the vote in 2019.”

Of course, if Singh becomes leader of the NDP this fall he will have already toppled a far more significant barrier: he would become the first non-white leader of a major federal party in this country’s history.

As much as Canada might be celebrated for its diversity, pluralism and successful integration of new citizens and cultures, the national parties have only been led by white men or women (with only a few of the latter).

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