Western Canada is on the poverty line now 

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Saskatchewan is the only survivor of western Canada, Rachel Notley and her gang have already sucked Alberta dry, and now its B.C.’s turn.

The B.C. NDP Party and Green Party have agreed to merge together to continue the path Alberta is going.

VICTORIA — A B.C. NDP government, backed by the Greens, would do everything it could to kill the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, to hold a referendum in 2018 on proportional representation, to eliminate Metro bridge tolls, to increase the carbon tax, to bring in a $15 minimum wage and to put the Site C dam project before an immediate review, according to details of the power-sharing deal between the two parties.

The ambitious deal, which was signed by NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Leader Andrew Weaver at the legislature Tuesday, will formalize a deal to give both parties a 44-seat majority of votes in the legislature and be given to Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon later this week as proof the two parties are ready to succeed the Liberal government.


With their policies western Canada is already hitting poverty lines. The sadness this creates will only continue to grow.

Oilfield jobs are not interesting anymore thanks to big salary cuts thanks to carbon tax and other policies the NDP rules under.

We can only hope things will get better, sadly, it probably won’t.