Thank You, Justin Trudeau

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This thank you message is for the fearless Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau.

A message to say thank you! Thanks for everything you’ve done for Canada.

You have created millions of discussions within Canada, thank you Trudeau for screwing up so bad that you brought Canadians out of their shell to talk about you.

To talk about how bad Canada will be in 2050 when our children will suffer the most under a majority Islam population, a population where there’s millions of radicals, looking to kill us and end humanity and freedom as we know it today, the world is changing, and you’re doing a great job to help with the transformation, a transformation we don’t want our children to see.

And thanks for changing the minds of so many Canadian liberals who now support conservatives just because they know what’s right from wrong! You’ve opened the eyes of many young Canadians trying to earn money for their families, you’ve completely destroyed human rights in Canada, this is definitely creating many discussions in all of Canada, discussions that need to be public and open with social media and other platforms, you’ve clearly shown your hate towards the people you should be protecting.

Your government term will be over in a few short years, you will be forgotten in many ways, but the brutal nightmare you’re putting Canadians through will remain as a dark cloud over Canada.

So once more, thanks for opening the eyes of many Canadians who will surely vote your ass out of office come 2019.